Sharpen Your Study Time Observation Skills

Setting the Stage

    • Complete projects and assignments.
    • Bring the right materials.
    • Prepare an uninterrupted study pace.
    • Conduct a short pre-class review.
    • Participate in class activities.
    • Relate the class to your goals.
    • Think critically about what you read.
    • Be alert to repetition.
    • Watch for introductory, concluding, and transition words and phrases.
    • Note the instructor's style. Highlight the obvious clues. Notice the instructor's interest level.

Note Taking Process

    • Write notes in outline form or paragraphs.
    • Use key words, pictures and diagrams.
    • Copy material from visual.
    • Use a three-ring binder and write on only one side of paper.
    • Use 3x5 cards for review.
    • Keep your own thoughts separate.
    • Label, number, and date all notes.
    • Use standard abbreviations.
    • Use blank space.
    • Use graphic signals.
    • Use complete sentences when material is important.
    • Take notes in different colors.
    • Review your notes within 24 hours.
    • Edit notes, rewrite to make them neater