Plug-ins & Utilities

These are free or demonstration resources that you can download directly from software web sites to your own computer. Many SCC courses will make use of one or more of these resources for activities such as viewing streaming video or PowerPoint presentations.


Internet Browsers

Chrome Logo

Chrome is Google's World Wide Web browser.

Windows and Macintosh versions


Firefox Logo

Firefox is Mozilla's World Wide Web browser.

Windows and Macintosh versions


Microsoft Edge Logo


Microsoft Edge is Microsoft's World Wide Web browser.

Microsoft Edge


Plug-ins and Utilities

Must-Have Plug-ins and Utilities

Acrobat logo

Adobe Acrobat Reader is free software from Abode for viewing and printing Portable Document Format (PDF) files.

Windows and Macintosh versions


Sun Java Virtual Machine logo

D2L Brightspace n requires Java to run important features, including quizzes and live chat sessions.

Sun Java™ Virtual Machine (JVM) Windows version - allows programs called "applets" to run inside your Web browser. Apple's Mac OS X ships with the Java 2 platform already installed.

Windows and Macintosh

Media Plug-ins

VLC Media Player Logo

VLC Media Player is a highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video formats as well as DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming files.

Windows version


Shockwave Logo

Adobe Shockwave - a video, sound, and animation viewer. It allows for viewing of all Shockwave content, including Flash. Shockwave also allows for the most engaging, interactive content on the Web.

Windows and Macintosh versions


Flash Logo

Adobe Flash - an animation viewer that supports sound. This will allow you to view animated sequences that are included in your course.

Windows and Macintosh versions



Virus/Spyware Protection for Windows Users








Ad-Aware logo




Spybot logo.

Windows-based computers, especially those using Internet Explorer to browse the web, are particularly vulnerable to parasites and spyware.

To help protect your PC against unsolicited commercial software, security flaws and viruses, it is recommended that you run a parasite/spyware detection and removal utility, complete current Windows Updates as available from Microsoft and scan for viruses frequently. To read more about parasites and spyware visit the DoxDesk web site.

DoxDesk web site

Ad-aware is a "no-cost" detection and removal utility that scans your memory, registry, hard, removable and optical drives for known data mining, aggressive advertising, and tracking components. These usually enter your computer system while using Internet Explorer.

Windows only


Spybot is another "no-cost" spyware detection and removal utility that can be used in addition to Ad-Aware. If you see new toolbars in your Internet Explorer that you didn't intentionally install, if your browser crashes, or if you browser start page has changed without your knowing, you most likely have spyware.

Windows only



Productivity Software

Office logo

OpenOffice Logo



Online students should have access to a basic word processing application. SCC instructors generally use Word, part of the Microsoft Office suite of programs. Some courses, specifically in the Computer Careers or Accounting programs, require students have access to specific Microsoft Office programs. Students should always check with instructors regarding specific class preferences. Office 365 is available to current SCC students, contact the Helpdesk for more information.

Free alternatives to Microsoft Office are OpenOffice (for Windows and Macintosh OSX) and NeoOffice (for Macintosh OSX). With OpenOffice and NeoOffice (Mac only) the programs are compatible with the file formats required for assignments.

For more information about OpenOffice, visit their web site at; NeoOffice at

Microsoft Updates and Utilities

Windows Logo

Microsoft offers a number of updates and free utilities for their products, including trial versions of some products. For a complete listing of Microsoft Updates and Utilities, check the appropriate site.

Microsoft Download Center

HTML Editors

SeaMonkey Logo

SeaMonkey - is a free all-in-one Internet application including a web browser and HTML editor. SeaMonkey's powerful yet simple HTML editor - Composer - handles dynamic image and table resizing, quick insert and delete of table cells, CSS support.

Windows, Macintosh, and Linux versions


TextPad logo

TextPad - is a powerful, general purpose editor for plain text files. Easy to use, with all the features a power user requires.

Windows version