Meet Your Instructor

Wes Taylor, Art

Faculty photoI love photography… I have since I picked up my first camera in Switzerland. I was 19 at the time and serving 2 years for my church in cities such as Basel, Bern, and Zurich. Swiss Alps, castles and Swiss chalets made for easy subjects to photograph. But I was smitten with the photo-bug.

If you are taking one of my photography classes I hope to infect you with the photo-bug as well! You are in for a great experience learning how to see the world around you in a different and meaningful way.

A little about me…

  • Higher Ed administrator for over 23 years
  • Commercial / Industrial photographer for over 10 years
  • Boy Scout Master
  • Past Rotary President – Mankato
  • Past Chair of Minnesota Online
  • Runner / Biker
  • Book Reader
  • Love to cook BBQ
  • Ran several marathons – now just a regular runner – I got enough t-shirts!
  • Geocacher
  • Regular family guy
  • Had a brain tumor and all is OK now!
  • Love VWs – Do most of my own wrenching.

See you soon!

Phone: 507-389-7213

South Central Online Courses:

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