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Jerry Soost, Physics and Mechatronics

Faculty photoHi, I am Jerry Soost.   I am one of the instructors in Physics and the Mechatronics area at South Central College.  Currently, I teach Mechanical Systems 1 MECA 1223 in Mechatronics.   I also teach physics classes at South Central College.  I have been teaching at South Central College for the past five years with eighteen years in education instruction.  I have spent several years teaching mathematics, chemistry, advance chemistry, physics, biology, physical science and conservation classes on a high school level.  

I have also worked in industry for several years.  Six years at Kato Engineering a major manufacturer electrical generators in the United States and Coster Engineering a manufacturer of reverse osmosis equipment including water vending equipment, maple sap concentrators, to entire community water purification processing equipment.  I also was employed at Toltec Industries who manufactured solar systems to include a parabolic trough for sunlight collection and concentration. 

I have a Masters in Physics Education with 22 additional graduate credits in physics from Hamline University and Winona State University.  I completed my undergraduate work at Minnesota State University, Mankato, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in education with majors in Mathematics and Broad Science, minors in Physics and Chemistry.  I usually take 3 to 6 graduate credits each semester.  I also have completed 3 credits in "Modeling" method of instruction in physics focusing mechanical systems at Winona State University and "How to Teach Algebra" through ITV instruction from St. Cloud State University.   I completed 7 graduate credits the summer of 2011 in education and biology. I find it interesting to see how other instructors and schools conduct classes and find the course to be intellectually stimulating.  I have numerous graduate credits with the focus of my graduate work being in Physics at Hamline University.

I am an aviation enthusiast going to Oshkosh Experimental Aircraft Association convention annually.  I purchased, built and taught myself how to fly an ultralight aircraft in 1980 with no previous flight instruction.
I look forward to meeting you and working with you online.

South Central Online Courses:

  • Mechanical Systems I
  • Introductory Physics