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Mark Friedman, Economics

Faculty photoHi, my name is Mark Friedman. When learning economics there is no avoiding a lot of abstract concepts that can leave you scratching your head. However, in my teaching I emphasize that economics is at the root of most public policy controversies, and that its understanding is important to improving the well-being of individuals and society. It has much to say about fighting poverty, improving the environment, and achieving a happier and more secure work life. 

For me, studying economics was a natural progression from an interest in politics, social change, and alternative economic structures. I had been working for several years in worker cooperatives (also known as labor-managed firms) in Minneapolis and Duluth. I came to Mankato in 1990 to get my master’s degree in economics at Minnesota State University, Mankato. More recently I enrolled at Colorado State University where I am in the process of completing my Ph.D. I have been teaching economics courses at both Minnesota State University, Mankato and South Central College for several years.


“Living Wage and Optimal Inequality in a Sarkarian Framework,” Review of Social Economy 66(1) March, 2008.

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