Meet Your Instructor

John Burns, Computer Careers

Faculty photoJohn Burns teaches in the Computer Careers department at South College. He also oversees the testing center, which administers industry certification exams. John is CompTIA certified in A+ and Network +, has passed the CISSP exam, and holds Microsoft and Cisco certifications.  Consulting work and faculty internships with local business help keep him focused on the Information Technology needs of local employers.  Prior to becoming an instructor, he began his career working for Gateway Computers in South Dakota.

John has a Masters Certificate in Information Insurance from the University of Illinois and a Bachelor of Science from Minnesota State University. He serves on the board of the nonprofit agency PCs for People, through which he organizes service learning projects in his Hardware/Software Fundamentals course. His current research interests revolve around cloud computing, virtualization, and DevOps.

Phone: 507-389-7411

South Central Online Courses:

  • COMP 2475 - Security Basics