Meet Your Instructor

Pawel Buda, Computer Careers

Faculty photoI was born in and grew up in Krakow. This legendary ancient city sits on the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains, in southern Poland. Living in this region was an opportunity for many hiking trips that I enjoyed a lot.

In Krakow, I graduated with a Master’s Degree from Jagiellonian University (the same school that Copernicus attended!). After college, I taught in high school for a year and then worked at a translation company. I eventually immigrated to the United States, home of my spouse.

My adventure with South Central College began in 2012, where I started as a Computer Careers student, then became the IT Help Desk manager. Eventually I graduated with two AAS degrees from SCC, Networking Services and Information Systems. From Spring 2017 semester I became a Computer Careers faculty member.

In my professional career, I am focused on Web and communication technologies. My goal is to help students who are dreaming of becoming professionals in their fields move up to jobs they aspire to or to further their studies.

My interests include sci-fi literature, AI, study of the cosmos, and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

I live in Mankato with my wife and two children.

Phone: 507-389-7485

South Central Online Courses:

  • COMP 1120 Foundations of Computing
  • COMP 1140 - Web for Business (HTML and CSS)