Troubleshooting Common D2L Brightspace Questions

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D2L Brightspace Questions

If you have more in depth D2L Brightspace questions you can consult the MnSCU D2L Brightspace Support Services ( for assistance.

Logging In for the First Time

Firefox - newest version or Internet Explorer 11.0 are the recommended browsers if you are using a Windows computer. Firefox - newest version is recommended for Mac OS x computers. For a complete list of supported browsers and other computer requirements, visit the Browser & System Requirements page.

** Your MnSCU StarID and password are your D2L Brightspace login credentials. If you have not already activated your StarID, visit

  1. Point your browser to
  2. You will see the D2L Brightspace Log In Screen.
  3. Enter your StartID and Password . Click the Log in button.

After a successfull login, you will see your "My Home" page. Locate the "My Courses" widget on the middle of the page. Look for the current term (example 20151 - Summer 2014) and the department (example Accounting) listed beneath the term, click the linked course title to open your course. See the example image below with the term and department expanded.

Image of My Courses Widget in D2L

Click the course name to access and view course content, assignments, quizzes, discussions, grades, etc.

If you have forgotten your password, use the "Forgot Password" link on the D2L Brightspace login page to access the StarID Self Service page allow you to set a new password for your StarID.

If you you have completed your StarID activation but still cannot login to D2L Brightspace, email the South Central College Helpdesk at


A variety of web browsers will work for accessing your courses in D2L Brightspace. However, for Windows users the newest version of Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer version 11 and for Mac OS X users the newest version of Mozilla Firefox are the recommended browsers for D2L Brightspace version 10.6.

Firefox Logo

Firefox is Mozilla's World Wide Web browser.

Windows and Macintosh versions

Internet Explorer Logo

Microsoft Internet Explorer is Microsoft's World Wide Web browser.

Internet Explorer 11 Windows version

D2L Brightspace Supported Browsers

For Windows OS

  • Firefox - newest version*
  • Internet Explorer version 11
  • Chrome - newest version

For Macintosh OS X

  • Firefox - newest version*
  • Safari - newest version*
  • Chrome - newest version

* Recommended Browser

For a complete list of supported browsers and other computer requirements, visit the Browser & System Requirements page.

D2L Brightspace System Check

Your computer's web browser is a very important tool in the online experience. Complete a D2L Brightspace System Check - it is quick, easy and free and will ensure that your web browser is optimized for your online courses. This only takes a minute and will save you time and trouble later.

  • The D2L Brightspace System Check covers:

    • Browser supports Javascript
    • Cookies are enabled
    • Browser is fully compatible with Desire2Learn
    • Browser has a compatible Adobe Flash plug-in
    • Computer screen display meets recommended 1024 by 768 pixels
    • Browser supports Java
    • Browser supports rich content editing


Disable Pop-up Blockers

D2L Brightspace courses may contain items that rely on Pop-up windows (a new window that appears in addition to the one you are viewing) when displaying certain items or features.

Pop-up blockers can be part of the web browser or a separate, third-party utility designed only to block pop-up windows. This is typically a program that someone has downloaded and installed on to the computer. Also, firewall software (designed to protect your computer from unauthorized users from accessing your computer through your internet connection) and anti-virus software frequently have a pop-up blocker options built in. Disable or turn off any form of pop-up blocker on your machine when accessing D2L Brightspace courses.

For more information about specific software which make use of pop-up blockers, check the Disable Pop-up Blocker web page:


We recommend you use a spyware detection and removal utility to remove any spyware that may be keeping you from accessing your D2L Brightspace course(s) on your computer. Spyware is particularly troublesome for Internet Explorer users, who experience a "403 Forbidden" error page when trying to access a known URL.

The link listed below offers two very good utilities for dealing with spyware. We recommend both Adaware and Spybot, utilities which you may download free.


Other Things That Can Interfere with D2L Brightspace 

There are many browser tools and settings that can affect the functionality of D2L Brightspace.

Here are some things to check if you are having issues accessing areas of D2L Brightspace:

  • Third part toolbars (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.)
    • Disable or remove toolbars

  • Third party popup blockers
    • These should be disabled or closed

  • Security settings should be at "medium" or lower - you can configure these settings for specific sites by selecting Trusted sites
    • Tools >> Internet Options >> Security tab >> Trusted sites >> Sites

  • Privacy settings should be set to Default
    • Tools >> Internet Options >> Privacy tab

  • Internet Explorer's Popup Blocker settings should be configured to allow popups when accessing D2L Brightspace
    • Tools >> Pop-up Blocker >> Pop-up Blocker Settings

  • Browser Cookies should be enabled
    • Tools >> Internet Options >> Privacy tab - set level at medium

  • Set your Temporary Internet Files to "Every visit to the page"
    • Tools >> Internet Options >> General tab >> Browsing History section >> Settings

  • Clear Temporary Internet Files
    • Tools >> Internet Options >> General tab >> Browsing History section >> Delete >> Temporary Internet Files >> Delete files
    • Other Resources

      South Central Online Technical Information and Resources page:

      Technical Skills and Computer Requirements

      For other software, hardware and Internet Service Provider issues, you need to contact the vendors directly for assistance. Many vendors do offer Help Sheets, FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and e-mail contacts through their web sites.

      About South Central Online

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      Need Further Assistance?


      Things to include in your email correspondence:

      • Your name
      • Your phone number
      • Your email address
      • A detailed description of the kind of issues you are having with D2L Brightspace.

      We will reply to your questions through e-mail within 24 hours Monday through Friday and on Mondays for those questions that come in over weekends.

      Thank you,
      South Central Online Support Team