Browsers, Settings and Configurations

Web Browsers

A variety of web browsers will work for accessing your courses in Desire2Learn. However, for Windows users Internet Explorer versions 9.0 and for Mac OS X users the newest version of Mozilla Firefox are the recommended browsers for Desire2Learn version 10.1.

Internet Explorer Logo

Microsoft Internet Explorer is Microsoft's World Wide Web browser.

Windows versions - Internet Explorer 9


Firefox Logo

Firefox is Mozilla's World Wide Web browser.

Windows and Macintosh versions

Desire2Learn Supported Browsers

For Windows OS

  • Internet Explorer version 9 *
  • Firefox - newest version*
  • Chrome - newest version

For Macintosh OS X

  • Firefox - newest version*
  • Safari 5.1 or 6.0*
  • Chrome - newest version

* Recommended Browser

Important Information About Firefox 23 and Higher
Firefox 23 and newer versions of the browser comes with a Mixed Content Blocker. This is similar to the Security Warnings that Internet Explorer provideds when viewing mixed content on a webpage in a secure environment. Desire2Learn is provided in a secure environment; links used in course materials to external websites will trigger the Firefox Mixed Content Blocker.

For more information on the Mixed Content Blocker in Firefox 23 and newer versions of the browser, visit

If you see a blank screen when viewing Content in D2L - the content may be restricted by your browser.  There are workarounds for Firefox 23 and higher and Google Chrome 29 and higher.

Firefox workaround
Google Chrome workaround
Firefox Add-On option

For a complete list of supported browsers and other computer requirements, visit the Browser & System Requirements page.

Browser Settings

Your computer's web browser is a very important tool in the online experience. Complete a Desire2Learn System Check - it is quick, easy and free and will ensure that your web browser is optimized for your online courses. This only takes a minute and will save you time and trouble later.

The Desire2Learn System Check covers these areas:

  • Your browser supports Javascript
  • Cookies are enabled
  • Your browser is fully compatible with Desire2Learn
  • Browser has a compatible Adobe Flash plug-in
  • Computer screen display meets recommended 1024 by 768 pixels
  • Browser supports Java
  • Browser supports rich content editing