Browsers, Settings and Configurations

Web Browsers

A variety of web browsers will work for accessing your courses in D2l Brightspace. However, for Windows users the newest version of Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Chrome and for Mac OS X users the newest version of Safari, Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox are the recommended browsers for D2L Brightspace.

Firefox Logo


Chrome is Google's World Wide Web browser.

Windows versions

Firefox Logo


Firefox is Mozilla's World Wide Web browser.

Windows and Macintosh versions

Microsoft Edge Logo

Microsoft Edge is Microsoft's World Wide Web browser.

Microsoft Edge

D2L Brightspace Supported Browsers

For Windows OS

  • Firefox - newest version
  • Microsoft Edge - newest version
  • Chrome - newest version

For Macintosh OS X

  • Safari - newest version
  • Chrome - newest version
  • Firefox - newest version

For a complete list of supported browsers and other computer requirements, visit the Supported Browser page.

Browser Settings

Your computer's web browser is a very important tool in the online experience. Complete a D2L Brightspace System Check ( - it is quick, easy and free and will ensure that your web browser is optimized for your online courses. This only takes a minute and will save you time and trouble later.

The D2L Brightspace System Check covers:

  • Ensure that your browser has Javascript and Cookies enaabled
  • Desktop systems have Adobe Flash Player 10.1 or greater
  • Browser is fully compatible with D2L Brightspace