How do I prepare to be a successful Online Learner?

Lifelong learning is such a necessity today that distance education (online learning) is one of the fastest growing areas in education.

You may be planning to take a single course via the Internet (World Wide Web). You may wish to complete a program or begin an entirely new program of study. You will find that technology has added new options for prospective learners. To be successful as an online learner requires a high degree of personal motivation and self-discipline. Many learners are not accustomed to study without the personal and physical contact of course colleagues and the face-to-face encounter of an instructor. Learners may not realize how much they rely on the physical presence of others or their encouragement and mutual support while learning. SCC faculty develop on-line learning experiences that are supportive and personalized but it will be different from what is found in the face-to-face learning classroom.

You will be in control of your learning and that can be highly rewarding. Moving ahead more quickly or taking time to study more extensively are choices of the online learner. Applying your learning to your current work environment or spending time in online dialog with your instructors, peers and experts in the field are choices that many of you will experience.

In a setting where you control so much of your learning, you are also responsible for following through with questions, assignments, and readings. While you are not involved in attending traditional weekly lectures, your instructor has planned many other opportunities (using voice, video, data, and print) for your learning experience. Participation is an obvious success factor.

Enjoy your new world of online learning through South Central Online this term!