How South Central Online Works

Distance learning is not a new concept, beginning as mail correspondence courses in the late 1800s ... followed by distance learning via radio in the 1920s, via television in the 1940s and two-way interactive television in the 1960s. The newest technology is the World Wide Web. Students can take courses without having to travel to the campus and in the case of traditional mail-based and newer web-based distance learning, can work the courses into their own daily schedules. South Central Online uses the World Wide Web (WWW) and Interactive Television (ITV) for our distance learners.

Using the WWW, students are able to access their courses from home or office using a personal computer, an Internet connection and a web browser (some technology courses may require additional software). When you take an on-line course through South Central Online, you will use your own unique user ID and password to access courses...your work is secure.