If you are a currently-enrolled South Central College student, register as you normally would for an SCC course that meets on campus through SCC's online Registration.

If you are not a current SCC student, enrolling in online courses is a three-step process ...

Step One ... Admissions. Visit the Admissions Forms page for information on how to apply. Formal application must be completed before nine credit hours are taken. South Central Online students follow the same admissions guidelines and procedures as they would if enrolling in a diploma, degree or certificate program at South Central College. To learn about the admissions guidelines and policies, check the Admissions section of the South Central College Student Services web page.

Step Two ... Orientation. All SCC students must complete the College's new student orientation.

Step Three ... Registration. After acceptance for admission, you will receive information necessary for registration. With that information, you can enroll in classes through SCC's online Registration.