Course Delivery Methods

What do face-to-face, web-enhanced, hybrid & online instruction really mean?

There are four different delivery methods for instruction at South Central College. Each method provides quality instruction, but each has significant differences in instruction which can affect student success. Make sure you choose the best method taking into consideration your learning style, available technology, and personal schedule.

Face-to-Face Courses

Courses taught face-to-face have specific meeting times equivalent to one hour a week for each lecture credit and two hours for each lab credit. Although the course is taught in a classroom, a D2L (Desire2Learn) online site is part of each course. Students refer to the course site for the syllabus, posted assignments, grades and other material determined by the faculty to be part of the course.

Web-enhanced Courses

Web-enhanced courses have reduced seat time. This means the course does not meet an equivalent one hour a week for each lecture credit and two hours for each lab credit. In order to compensate for the reduced seat time, additional course material will be found on the D2L site for the course. The reduced seat time is minimal but students should be prepared to do more work online than in a face-to-face course.

Hybrid Courses

Hybrid course have significant reduced seat time, amounting to at least 30% of the course time. As a result, there is considerable work online. The in-class time could be minimal or fairly significant, but online instruction plays an important role in these courses. For example, a hybrid science class could have all lecture-related material online with the science labs constituting the only seat time. Due to the significant amount of material online, the tuition for these courses includes an additional fee.

Online Courses

As the title indicates, online courses have almost all online instruction. These courses can meet face-to-face during the semester, but are limited to only two meeting periods. Online courses require significant self-motivation and familiarity with technology. The tuition for these courses includes an additional fee.