Learner Support & Resources Module - D2L v 9.4

You can include an "Learner Support & Resources" module in your Desire2Learn sections. This module contains many resources for students taking online and hybrid courses. You will find tips for success in your online or hybrid learning, a self-assessment tool, resource links to information on the library, research papers, and writing style guides, along with information on the academic support services, where to get technical help, netiquette, and a basic introduction to Desire2Learn's layout and navigation as well as tools commonly used by South Central College faculty in online and face-to-face courses such as email and threaded discussions.

Note: This module contains resources that satisfy Category 1 for Online Course Readiness as outlined in the Self-Check Rubric for Online Instruction.

As the instructor of your course, please include course specific resources as follows:

  • instructor contact information
  • academic advisor contact information
  • link to college - http://southcentral.edu/
  • link to college bookstore - http://southcentralbookstore.com/SCTC/Main/Default.htm
  • links to supporting instructional materials
  • estimated amount of time needed for completing course requirements
  • course information FAQ page  
  • information / tutorials on how to use software required for the course - instructor specific
  • course textbook information

To use this module and the sample quiz, click and download the files below to your local computer (we suggest you save these files to your computer desktop for ease in locating the files).

Files to Download: - you can save files by right clicking and selecting Save Target As option from the menu

Learner Support & Resource Module & D2L Practice Quiz Upload Instructions v 9.4 - for complete details

Learner Support Module v 9.4 - learnerSupportModule.zip contains all the components for the Learner Support Module - do not unzip this file - you will be expanding this file in your Manage Files area of your D2L course.

D2L Practice Quiz v 9.4 - TakeaPracticeQuizv9_4.zip file contains two files, the TakePracticeTest.xml file and a imsmanifest.xml file created in Respondus and exported for D2L. Do not unzip this file, you will need to imported the entire zip file into D2L.

Note about Respondus: You do not need to use Respondus to import this Intro Quiz. South Central Online has created the quiz file you will be importing into Desire2Learn. However, if you are interested in using this quiz creating software for creating your course specific Desire2Learn quizzes, South Central College has a campus-wide license for Respondus software - if you do not have it installed on your desktop computer, you can request it from IT by submitting a request to helpdesk@southcentral.edu. Respondus software is also available on work stations for faculty use in eStudio / South Central Online on both campuses.