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Example of an image with alternative text and a long description

Astrophysics and Space Physics: Figure 4 d


Paragraphs are the medium-size unit of English text. It is a unit of language larger than a sentence. A new paragraph marks a change of focus, a change of time, a change of place or a change of speaker in a passage of dialogue. A new paragraph begins on a new line, usually indented (set in a little) or with a one-line gap above it. Paragraphing helps readers to follow the story line, argument or dialogue. Use the <p> tag for paragraphs (don't forget the closing </p> tag).

Bolded text is strong text. It is strong for a reason. It carries weight. Use the <strong> tag for strong text.

Italicized text is emphasized text. It is emphasized for a reason. Use the <em> tag for emphasized text.

SCC is an acronym. Define acronyms using the <acronym title=""> tag.

lbs is an abbreviation. Define abbreviations with the <abbr title=""> tag.