Online Technology Enriching Grant (OTEG)

OTEGBigResults2eLearning Technologies  is pleased to announce the availability of funding for Online Technology Enriching Grants (OTEG) up to $1,000.  Five applications will be accepted.  Submit your proposal by completing a proposal.  You will describe how you would like to improve one of your courses (enhancing a hybrid, or completely online), and how you could use technology funding to help you achieve your goal.  eLearning Technologies can help you along the way by helping you with ideas, help you decide on a goal, help you learn a new technology, and give guidance in implementation.  All we ask in return is that you share your project with your peers.  We will host a "Show and Tell" presentation in the spring for OTEG recipients to share your journey with your peers.

Focus (Purpose):
Online Technology Enrichment Grants are intended to introduce educational technologies that enhance learning at SCC. This may be accomplished through faculty, staff, or student development; introduction of new technologies; applied research related to instruction or by improvements in existing systems. A specific course must be identified as the focal point for the research/development OTEG investment.

This grant program is intended to support faculty in their study, design, and development of course materials (i.e., increase student responsibility for learning, reduce amount of classroom time, asynchronous and synchronous access to courseware, video streaming, distance and online delivery). Funding may not be used for salary stipends. However the funding may be used for consultations, training, travel, hardware and software. Funds are not intended as a replacement for lab equipment nor for instructional salary (including release time).

Mini-grants will be awarded for up to $1,000. All faculty members are eligible to apply for OTEG funding

Mini-Grant Review:
Mini-grant applications must be completed and submitted to the Online Education Committee. A template will be provided.

Mini-Grant Report:
The OTEG recipient will present a written project report to the OEC and communicate project results to the campus at an event to highlight their results.

How to apply:
Proposal submission deadlines are listed in the OTEG Application document below.

docx OTEG Application.docx (depending on your browser this document may go to your "download folder" instead of launching in MS Word)
pdfOTEG Application Rubric.pdf