Copying, Exporting, and Archiving Course Components in D2L Brightspace

Copy Course Components is a feature in D2L Brightspace that allows you to copy components from one D2L Brightspace course to another D2L Brightspace course. This tool will be very helpful to those of you that will be teaching the same courses next semester that you are currently teaching for this semester.

Course Components are the pieces of your course these would include content, files, quizzes, dropboxes, discussions, release conditions to name a few. View a full list of D2L Adobe Acrobat Reader Logo Exportable Components.

Before you begin, reveiw the following documents:

Adobe Acrobat Reader Logo Guidelines for Copying Course Components

Copy Course Components Between Org Units

Desire2Learn also has an Export and Import feature that allows you to export course components to archive your course components and import them into a new course offering at a later date.

Exporting Course Components

Importing Coure Components from a File

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